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  • eBay for Charity Charity Ribbon News 2008

  • June 18, 2008
  • Donate Now: A new way for eBay users to give
  • New feature, updated user agreement coming in July
  • Last month we told you about changes that have made it easier for Community Sellers to donate with eBay for Charity.  Today we’re excited to announce a new feature that will offer all eBay users (including buyers) a way to give too.
  • Announcing “Donate Now”

  • Next month, we’ll add a “Donate Now” tab to your organization’s About My Nonprofit page. Donate Now will let anyone with a PayPal account make an immediate donation to support your work – without buying or selling anything. It will be a great new way to attract more funds and supporters from the eBay community!
  • Donate Now donations will be collected and distributed by MissionFish – just like Community Seller donations are today. However we’ll only keep 3.75% of each Donate Now donation to cover our expenses (our deductions on Community Seller donations won’t change).
  • User Agreement Updates

  • Along with this new feature, we’re also updating your nonprofit user agreement, effective July 10, 2008. We’ve refreshed terminology and structure to reflect how the program works now, and have added terms for the Donate Now feature. You don’t need to do anything to approve these changes, they will take effect automatically.
  • Learn more

  • Look for more details about Donate Now when it launches next month. Until then, these links may be helpful:
  • See the old nonprofit user agreement
  • See the new nonprofit user agreement
  • Have questions? Contact our Community Care team

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