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  • eBay for Charity Charity Ribbon News 2008

  • April 15, 2008
  • Raise Money with eBay for Charity during Spotlight on Helping Animals!
  • Sit, stay, fundraise!

  • This May and June, eBay for Charity is shining a Spotlight on Helping Animals and we’re inviting your nonprofit to take the stage.
  • Spotlight on Helping Animals is an online event to raise funds and awareness for organizations caring for our animal friends.
  • Why participate?

  • Join Spotlight on Helping Animals and your nonprofit can benefit in several key ways:
  • 1. Enjoy Extra Visibility
    Starting May 1st, your organization’s name will be featured on a special list of participating nonprofits at www.ebay.com/animals
  • 2. Earn Some Green
    Raise funds around the clock and every time a listing that benefits your organization sells, you get a donation. It’s that easy.
  • 3. Attract New Donors
    New donors seem as rare as an endangered species? eBay has 276 million registered users, all of whom could be potential donors. Every listing that benefits your nonprofit features your logo and mission statement – the perfect way to spread the word about your work and attract new supporters.
  • Get Involved

  • Sign Up!
    Sign up by 11:59PM PST on April 29th, 2008. Space is limited, so join now!
  • Selling
    Go wild! If your organization has not started selling on eBay, there is absolutely no better time to get started. The eBay Community goes batty for animal causes and this is the perfect opportunity for you to grab some of the spotlight for your organization! You can list items such as your organization’s merchandise, books, and tickets to your events.
  • Currently selling? Load up on listings for this special event, and turn eBay’s shoppers into supporters for your organization!
  • And don’t forget – the eBay for Charity Fee Credit Benefit External Link makes it essentially free for your nonprofit to sell.
  • To join Spotlight on Helping Animals, sign up by 11:59PM PST on April 29th, 2008.
  • Join our eBay for Charity 101 call. A member of our Community Care team, will show you step-by-step how to successfully fundraise with eBay. eBay for Charity conference calls are every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 12pm EST. Sign up for a call
  • Get the Word Out
    Shout it from the tree tops! Be sure to tell donors they can use eBay for Charity to support your work.
  • You might be surprised at how many of them are already selling on eBay. Make sure your supporters know to select your nonprofit to benefit from the next item they list in the eBay Sell Your Item form. Their listing will be searchable in four separate places for an unparalleled opportunity to attract more bids and higher final sale prices.
  • Use our free marketing tools
    Put our pre-made article on your website, in an email to your listserv, your e-newsletter and your blog.
    Add a button External Link to your website that tells the world they fundraise for your mission every time they visit eBay.
    Add an email signature that links to your About My Nonprofit Page.

Share Your Story

  • Nonprofits, how is eBay for Charity helping your organization accomplish its mission? Tell us and we’ll share your success with others. Submit Story

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