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Certified for eBay for Charity since 2016. PayPal Giving Fund nonprofit ID 49673.

Our innovative Veterans Matter program houses the homeless veterans abandoned on the streets of our nation and is supported by many in the music industry including Katy Perry, Kid Rock, Ice-T, Kix Brooks, John Mellencamp, Dusty Hill, and others.

Location: Toledo, OH 43606
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Dear God, Help Us To Knit Us Together Coffee Mug Tea Cup Royal Norfolk birdie5000
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
COCA-COLA CAFE Coffee Tea or Drink Mug Cup by Gibson birdie5000
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
St. Louis Missouri Souvenir Coffee Mug Tea Cup Could Only Afford HALF CUP birdie5000
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
Dave & Busters Shooter Shot Glass D&B Dallas Souvenir birdie5000
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
Lake Hamilton Hot Springs Arkansas Souvenir Shot Glass birdie5000
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
Affordable Mp3 Player Music on the Go - Donating to Veterans xceedinglimits
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
J.A. HENCKELS Vintage [1876 design] 23 Piece Flatware Set Service for 4 1studio4
25% 1d 0h 24m
League of Legends Gold 3 Account (PC and Role Playing) mulder49651
10% 6d 5h 30m
Mens Nautica Shorts Size 36W gazd-ki
10% 20d 8h 12m
Bluetooth SOUND ART soundart26784
10% 20d 12h 13m
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