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Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF)

Certified for eBay for Charity since 2004. PayPal Giving Fund nonprofit ID 3910.

You can help families in the developing world lift themselves out of poverty -- by giving them access to clean, renewable solar power -- through making a donation to SELF. A gift of any size supports our mission to bring clean, safe water to drink; food to eat; vaccinations to prevent disease; light to study and work by; computers at school to help them learn; and power to increase their income. Change a village...change the world.

Location: Washington, DC 20006
Web address:
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c Giardinelli 5C Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece 5-C GTT GTB-5C Vintage New York NY slogg9
10% 8d 17h 6m
Giardinelli Trumpet Mouthpiece Vintage New York 3M TPT GT3M GT 3-M GT-3M slogg9
10% 8d 17h 6m
Vito Melodia Clarinet Woodwind Ligature BF 2200V Nickel B Bb New slogg9
10% 18d 2h 54m
g Giardinelli Trumpet Mouthpiece 6C C6 Deep Cup GT-6C 6-C Vintage New York NY slogg9
10% 8d 17h 6m
i Giardinelli Trumpet Mouthpiece 12M 12-M GT12M GT-12M Vintage New York NY slogg9
10% 8d 17h 6m
e Giardinelli Trumpet Mouthpiece 10C TPT GT10C GT 10-C Vintage New York NY slogg9
10% 8d 17h 6m