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Goodwill Industries of the Columbia-Willamette

Certified for eBay Giving Works since 2009. PayPal Giving Fund nonprofit ID 33647.

Our mission is to provide vocational opportunities to people with barriers to employment.

Location: Hillsboro, OR 97123
Web address:
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Item Title Seller ID   Price Donation % Time Left
Gunsmoke - The Directors Collection goodwillbks
100% 2h 26m
I Ain't Lyin' goodwillbks
100% 2h 26m
The Faith Explained goodwillbks
100% 2h 26m
Study in Brown goodwillbks
100% 2h 26m
Pick Yourself Up goodwillbks
100% 2h 27m
Women's Lives, Women's Legacies: Creating Your Own Ethical Will, Second Edition goodwillbks
100% 2h 27m
Superharps goodwillbks
100% 2h 27m
La Collectionneuse goodwillbks
100% 2h 27m
Growing Pains: An Autobiography goodwillbks
100% 2h 27m
Janet Jackson - From Janet to Damita Jo: The Videos goodwillbks
100% 2h 28m
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