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St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Certified for eBay Giving Works since 2004. PayPal Giving Fund nonprofit ID 2739.

The mission of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is to find cures for children with catastrophic illnesses through research and treatment. Children are treated without regard to a family's ability to pay. St. Jude covers all costs not covered by insurance for medical treatment rendered at St. Jude. Families without insurance do not pay. St. Jude freely shares research findings with doctors and scientists around the world.

Location: Memphis, TN 38105
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Item Title Seller ID   Price Donation % Time Left
Team Hot Wheels, Pull Back, Launch & Jump! Slingshot Stunt Ramp latoys2013
10% 2d 22h 51m
Team Hot Wheels, Slam Spin & Shoot! Centriforce Launcher latoys2013
10% 2d 22h 51m
Toy Story, RCs Race, Gear, Gas and Go! Playset, Includes Race Car latoys2013
10% 2d 22h 55m
Movie Masters GENERAL ZOD & JOR-EL figures, Adult collector latoys2013
10% 2d 22h 57m
Superman Movie Masters, Man of Steel, Adult Collector figure latoys2013
10% 2d 22h 57m
WWE RYBACK Elite Collection series 24 latoys2013
10% 2d 22h 59m
WWE WADE BARRETT Elite Collection latoys2013
10% 2d 23h 0m
2 x 5" VIntage Antique Tonka Truck Van hemmi orange Pressed Steel Toy ebg4761
10% 2d 23h 5m
Woodland Scenics / WS A2171 'N Scale' Accident Waiting to Happen' nscale_for_sale
10% 2d 23h 33m
Woodland Scenics / WS A2180 'N Scale' 'Jug Band' nscale_for_sale
10% 2d 23h 35m
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