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U.S. Fund for UNICEF

Certified for eBay Giving Works since 2003. PayPal Giving Fund nonprofit ID 1443.

UNICEF is responding to the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal on April 25. UNICEF has been working to save and protect children in Nepal for over 50 years, and is on the ground, mobilized to respond to this emergency.

Location: New York, NY 10038
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Bead Trimmed Oval Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring 1.6 gram size 5 dove
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
Tiny Opal Seed Pearl Antique 10K Yellow Gold Lavalier Pearl Tooth Dangle 1-3/8" dove
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
Assortment of 8 Vintage Pins Faux Pearl Bow Initial Shapely Mini-Bar Circle etc. dove
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
Vintage Golden La Jolla Print Wood Framed specialguy18
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
Whispers Signed Robert Bloch, William F Nolan, Dennis Etchison, Richard Matheson beyondthenorm
10% 3d 11h 35m
Fog by Valentine Williams & Dorothy Rice Sims 1933 Washington Square Press GD+ beyondthenorm
10% 3d 11h 35m
Mary Roberts Rinehart Lot Haunted Lady, The Door, Episode Of The Wandering Knife beyondthenorm
10% 3d 11h 35m
Silver Round Repousse Little Flower Feather Concho Earrings Sterling Hooks USA tannenbaumtrees
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
Silver Repousse Fab Long Victorian Triangle Earrings 925 Sterling Hooks USA Made tannenbaumtrees
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
Gel Silicone Stand TPU Rubber Case Skin Cover for LG G3 D850 AT&T . Green sunlioner
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
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