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Give Kids The World

Certified for eBay for Charity since 2016. PayPal Giving Fund nonprofit ID 10271.

Give Kids The World Village makes wishes come true and provides the happiness that inspires hope to children with life-threatening illnesses and their families by hosting them for weeklong, cost-free vacations to Central Florida. The 79-acre storybook resort offers accommodations, donated theme park and attraction tickets, meals, entertainment and more. Since 1986, the resort has welcomed more than 144,000 families from all 50 states and 75 countries. For more information, visit

Location: Kissimmee, FL 34746
Web address:
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Lilies - Crinum Asiaticum Bulbs & Plants by Mercy crinumbymercy
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
(Qty 6)6805-2RS Premium ABEC 3 Sealed Bearings,25x37x7,61805 RS,Synthetic Grease usabearingsbelts
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
(Qty 10) 6805-2RS Premium ABEC 3 Sealed Bearings,25x37x7, 61805 RS,Kyodo Grease usabearingsbelts
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
(Qty 100) 6805-2RS Premium ABEC 3 Bearings,25x37x7, 61805 RS,Synthetic Grease usabearingsbelts
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
Winnie The Pooh Disney Silk Novelty Necktie Tigger Eeyore Monkey See Monkey Do motleyjewster
20% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
Adidas Women's Pink Ribbon Track Pants Z00851 natysports
10% Good 'Til Cancelled
(learn more)
15 min Skype Chat with Justin and Diana from The Amazing Race 27 for GKTW omarturner
100% 2h 6m
NEW Disney Magic Band Cars Bandits Lighting McQueen Mater 95 Wrist Charms thankfuljoyfulone
10% 21h 49m
Disney Parks Toy Story Ariel Cars Hollywood Studios Magic Band Sliders thankfuljoyfulone
10% 23h 28m
Disney Parks Magic Kingdom Magic Band Sliders Space Mountain Thunder Splash NEW thankfuljoyfulone
10% 23h 51m
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